Pronunciation Training

Pronunciation Training

To have a good pronunciation that sounds Danish and can be easily understood is important in order to have a good and effortless relationship with the Danes, and to not feel isolated. If you find it hard to make yourself understood in your everyday life because of your pronunciation, it is a really good investment for your life here in Denmark to do an intensive pronunciation course with us.

We are highly specialised in Danish pronunciation training and will give you explanations that are easy to understand about the Danish pronunciation rules. Many people think that there are no rules for Danish pronunciation, but there are! And when you have learned these rules and worked with the sounds that you find problematic, you will have a much better control of your pronunciation.

To assist you in your homework, you will get mp3 audio files that you can download to your computer or phone.


Types of Courses

We have two types of courses: Individual lessons and small group lessons.

Individual Lessons

If you choose to have individual lessons, we can focus on your exact pronunciation problems. We can work specifically with the different areas where you use your Danish, e.g. train a particular terminology at your workplace. We recommend one lesson a week as it takes time to absorb the new learning.

Small Groups

In this course, we start with pronunciation problems shared by all students, then proceed with more individual pronunciation problems. To attend this course, you must already have a good level of Danish. There are only 3-4 students in a class so that we can work intensively with each student. Should we get only 2 enrolments, we reduce course hours from 2 hours to 1.5 hour per lesson.

Our Courses in 2024

Start Dates8 January and 8 April
Times5.30 – 7.30pm
Duration10 weeks with 1 lesson per week
Price8980 DKK

Contact us!

You are very welcome to contact us to have a talk about your wishes. Then you can also learn more about our prices and enrolment procedure. We can also tell you about the possibility of having a trial lesson to see if you like our courses.

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