Student Reviews

I can highly recommend this course and Hanne as a teacher. She makes learning interesting, and her method makes learning grammar and vocabulary easy to understand and not overwhelming. We cover a lot in each lesson and the homework helps to reinforce the learnings – it’s a brilliant method. What also makes Hanne special is how she cares that each student truly learnsand that she encourages us to speak often, creating an environment where it’s ok to make mistakes. We enjoyed her A1 course so much that we signed up for A2! It’s amazing how much I’ve learned – and how practical it is: we have been having 1.5 hour dialogues in Danish in class since lesson 6! I’ve taken lots of language courses in my life and this class is far and away the best because of Hanne and her method.
Michelle Donnachie Andersen, USA
Completing the A1 and A2 Danish courses online this summer was a brilliant experience, and one which I would highly recommend to all. Hanne is a fantastic teacher. She helped me to make sense of Danish grammar, and the conversational nature of the course helped to build my confidence with speaking and pronunciation. The small class sizes meant that every student was given a lot of time and attention – and even though the courses were run online, it was very easy to interact with Hanne and my fellow classmates. Every day of the course was a total pleasure, and I am so happy that I came across Hanne’s language school. A brilliant teacher, a brilliant course, and a brilliant 6 weeks!
Janey Harold, England
Jeg kan lide Copenhagen Danish Courses undervisningsstil og metoder. Med hjælp fra dygtig Hanne Walbum sikrede jeg mig de afgørende færdigheder og blev hurtigt bedre til dansk. Jeg blev bedre til at formulere mig, men også mere opmærksom på sætningskonstruktionerne, samt jeg udtaler bedre. Jeg sætter stor pris på Copenhagen Danish Courses hjælp til studerende, som har svært ved det danske sprog. Jeg vil gerne takke Copenhagen Danish Courses for stor positiv opbakning og hjælp.
Maja Plecić-Hrustić, Bosnia Herzegovina
I took the Intensive course for beginners A1. I have tried to learn danish from the start before. It seemed very hard and stressful. But at this school, I felt quite different. The course was intense, but with repetitions (for better results), very clear audio and even games in the classes! I understood how the Danish language “works”. Hanne helped me to understand the important rules of pronunciation and grammar. She definitely brought some logic into the language structure and encouraged me. Personally, I am satisfied with my experience at this school. For me, any learning requires a combination of own motivation and a dedicated teacher. I believe Hanne has a real passion to teach Danish to others. Tusind tak Hanne!
Liudmyla Waller, Ukraine
This is a fantastic course, I highly recommend it. Hanne is an extraordinary teacher. Her methods are constructive and efficient and she creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in her classroom. She made learning Danish an incredible experience and for that I am extremely grateful. Tusind tak kære Hanne!
Hildur María Þórisdóttir, Iceland
I have completed the 4 weeks intensive course and had an amazing learning experience! The lessons were fun and challenging, and I have learned a lot more than I expected in such a short period of time. I would definitely recommend the course for people looking for a fun and effective way to learn Danish quickly!
Chili Meg, Japan
Quiero aprovechar para agradecerle a la profesora Hanne, por sus métodos de estudio, pues es una excelente profesora del idioma danés, llevo en Dinamarca 6 años y desde que llegué empecé a estudiar el idioma, mi problema es que yo no hablo inglés, pues algunos profesores explican el danés en inglés por esto me sentía en desventaja quiero decir me quedé estancado y no podía avanzar, hasta que llego Hanne y pude preguntarle en Español todas mis dudas y ella como por arte de magia, resolvió todas mis dudas, mil y mil gracias Hanne😀. ERES LA MEJOR 🇩🇰💪
Alexander Zuleta Caro, Columbia
Hello everyone , After 1 month studied with Hanne ,I got the result of my A1 test today , the score I got is 29/30 . I have learnt lot of useful things with her modern course materials .I can guarantee you that you will have fun study danish here . From pronunciation till gramma and build the sentence . you will be enjoy every single minute here . Tusind Tak Hanne
P Hugo Poly, Thailand
I attended the 4 Week intensive group course and I learned more than I expected! After the 4 weeks we talked in danish 🙂 The quick success in such a short time is due to Hanne’s structured teaching and the homework. When i talked to danes they were surprised how much i learned in such a short time.
I enjoyed every day of the course. It was a very relaxed atmosphere and i had a very nice fellow student.
Hanne is a very good teacher and can teach the content super good. She attaches great importance to conversation so that you can test the new skills directly in everyday life 🙂 I’ve never had so much fun learning a new language! I’ll keep learning danish at home:) Tusind Tak Hanne! 🙂
Solveig Thrun, Germany
Hanne Walbum was God gift sent to me in form of a Danish teacher. Hanne was professional in her approach, yet very easy going. Time flies by when attending Hanne’s lessons. Coming out of the lesson you feel confident and sure that you’ll break the code for the learning Danish. I had the pleasure to attend the one to one lessons with Hanne, where she taught med the ground yet important basics for the Danish language. Unfortuantley it was something many other teachers failed to do. I am a big fan of Hanne’s pronunciation courses. I never thought that I would be able to pronounce and hear the difference between all the Danish vocals, but I guess I can now. If you are looking to learning Danish in an effective way, where what you learn actually stick in your head, you come to most right place. Tak Hanne! you rock
Zaynab Al-Hussaini, Syria
I enjoyed the classes with Hanne right away from the first day on! If there is ever a chance at all for a foreigner to learn the Danish language, then, in my opinion, it will be here. Her concept is perfectly well structured so that we always knew what we had to do and take the most out of the intensive course. She gives a big focus on the difficult pronunciation and I really learned a lot with her method. But most of all, with her huge heart and lovely sense of humor, Hanne creates an atmosphere in the classroom, which motivates you to learn more.
It is no exaggeration to say that I never ever had a better language teacher before. Tusind, tusind tak, Hanne!
Bel Bre
, Germany
I could not recommend this danish language course with Hanne Walbum enough! She truly is a great teacher and helped me progress with ease and catered her teaching towards what was best for me. Being half danish I am able to speak some danish but after just 5 days with Hanne, my family and myself included could already tell the difference in how much better my danish has gotten. Copenhagen Danish Courses offers a fun yet effective learning environment in which you are able to submerge yourself into Danish culture at the same time, learning not only the language, but also what it’s like to be a Dane! Hanne was friendly from the start and really helped build my confidence when speaking the language by helping establish the building blocks to the language! Thank you so much for everything Hanne, I truly appreciate it!
Mathias Thoresen, England
I’ve never learned a language as fast as I’ve learned Danish with Hanne. She is incredibly kind and patient and looks at the individual needs of the students. She’s very professional and is always open to questions, so you never feel hesitant to ask away. There’s also a lot of room to make mistakes, and the philosophy of just starting to speak the language even though you might not be a pro yet, is scary, but builds your confidence and is very much the best way to learn any new language. The classes are always a very comfortable, supportive environment which makes the learning more fun!
Julia Hesdahl, The Netherlands
Hej. Mit navn er Ruta Rasmussen. Jeg har haft mange problemer med mundtlig og skriftlig kommunikation. Derfor besluttede jeg mig til dansk sprogkursus på Danish Courses for 2 måneder siden. Fra det første møde med Hanne Walbum forstod jeg, at jeg fik en rigtig god mulighed for at lære sproget hurtigt og effektivt og at Hanne var den bedste og dygtigste lærer, som jeg har mødt i Danmark. Jeg hjertelig anbefaler Danish Courses til dem, der har nogle problemer med sproget og til dem, der tænker på at forbedre sin udtale eller grammatik. Jeg er sikker på, at I vil få uforglemmelige oplevelser i den skole og de bedste resultater i slutning af kursus. Tusind tak, kære Hanne.
Ruta Rasmussen, Lithuania
Hanne’s course was extremely effective for me. She was very flexible and kind yet challenged me to progress and do extra work. The course (and the language!) is not easy, but it isnt meant to be easy, its meant to help you learn as much as possible in the shortest period and get you conversing with the basics quickly. I learned so much vocab and its all the vocab that is used most commonly in day to day life. Her lesson plan seems to be meticulously thought through. Very comfortable learning space, and plenty of tea and coffee 🙂 Highly recommend!
Chris Mirbach, Australia
I started learning Danish with Hanne over Skype in Singapore in May, I moved to Copenhagen in August and passed PD3 with flying colours in December, and it was all thanks to Hanne’s patient and meticulous teaching. She has a great ear for pronunciation, is a total grammar nerd in the best sense and is definitely worth every kroner!
Paul Wong, Singapore
Ms.Hanne Walbum, Thankyou for making me proud to My self.and for making it Fun! I learned alot of Danish word from you and i Got alot of friends from our class. i Will miss you !thankyou for the wonderful and inspiring us that nothing imposible in This World ,But you have to work it. I never forget you in My whole life here in Danmark you are the One person WHO helped me alot in This country Im so proud to having teacher like you! Thank you so much! God Bless you more!
Madsen Ramilo Sheila, The Philippines
Having not used French for many years since school (and eventually having forgotten most of it), I was apprehensive about getting stuck into Danish as it’s a more difficult language than any I’ve studied previously. However, Hanne immediately put me at ease and I was suprised how quicly I began to progress.
Of course, there’s still a long way to go with my Danish learning, but I now have the confidence and a solid foundation to carry on and work my way towards becoming relatively fluent. The MP3 files included along with copies of the printed course material have been a great help in allowing me to go back over parts that have started fade and work on areas where there are still some weakenesses. Thanks very much for your engaging and fun lessons Hanne- they were informative and in depth without feeling overwhelming!
Jack Luke Fitzsimons, England
I have really enjoyed this learning experience, and feel that I have quickly reached a level in Danish, that I had not expected. In the future I know that I will one day converse freely in Danish .Now after the first 15 lessons I revel in the fun of acquiring new words; phrases and a little confidence. I think that this must surely be one of the most well structured, dynamic learning experiences I have ever had. So signing up for course two is an obvious choice and gives me something that I greatly look forward to participating in.
Andrew Dove, England
I took the beginners course for three weeks and I really learned a lot. In our last lecture we had a whole conversation in Danish. I was both, surprised and proud at the same time, that we made it so far in only a couple of weeks. We owe our quick success to Hanne`s logical and efficient teaching system which also includes a lot of homework. But the time is very well spent when you experience the difference and start to understand. I admire Hanne for her patience and her preciseness. She never got tired correcting my glottal stop 🙂 I would go back to Copenhagen to do the next level anytime without hesitation.
Rieke Römer, Germany
I just had 3 weeks wonderful course with teacher Hanne! While ago I had maybe a month learning danish in the pubic school, I didn’t understand well and I can not remember that much by the way of there teach. But Hanne is amazing! She is very knowledgable of language, with such lot of experience, and the best logic way to teach……I learned fast and full of passion! Now I decided to continue my course step2 with Hanne, and really looking forward!
Jolie Xu, China
I had taken the 4 weeks intensive course training. It was more than a pleasure to attend these courses. It was good explained and well structured and of course if you dedicate yourself and motivate the results will multiply. Hanne is a very good teacher who can determine ones weaknes and help to improve and pass it through. I give my strongest recommendations!
Hristo Yankov, Bulgaria
I’m Portuguese, married to a Dane, living in Brussels. While living in a non-Danish speaking country is not easy to improve my knowledge of Danish, specially that essential part: the pronunciation! :-O Hanne’s method is extremely efficient: in just 3 weeks I can now chat with my husband and in-laws without needing constant translation! The course is very intensive and you have to be very diligent and keep up with the level of homework. But no worries: you quickly will see the results the first time you adventure yourself in the real world and try to talk with the people around you! They will actually understand you! It’s a great feeling! I’ll continue studying Danish from home and I hope to be back for the next level!
Sandra Antunes, Portugal
I’m so happy I started to learn Danish with Hanne. I’m looking very much forward for the next level program. She’s very calm, patient and has the most wonderful technique cause after 3 weeks I now can have small chats in Danish with my Danish husband at home and surprise my Danish friends by how much I’ve learned in only 3 weeks. I strongly recommend Copenhagen Danish Courses for the ones who don’t know where to start.
Muge Hestbæk, Turkey
When learning a foreign language its important to start right. With regard to learning Danish, I would say, the most difficult but essential part – is the pronunciation. At the Copenhagen Danish Course a significant amount of attention is devoted to namely the correct (Copenhagen!) pronunciation, as compared to other language schools. Another advantage of this school I that groups are small, max 7 people, which makes it possible to work more on individual particularities when mastering Danish. And Hanne is a great teacher to learn the language with. Of course, as in any other matter, self-motivation plays a big role, as well as diligence in doing all your homework 🙂 Knowledge of English helps a lot, and if you know German, you would find a lot of similarities between German and Danish. Overall, I am very happy I took the 4-week course. Its a good start in speaking Danish and being able to communicate in everyday situations, making you more confident and comfortable in beautiful Denmark!
Natalya Kim, Ukraine
This has been very incredible course, compare with my Danish before I took this course. Before I didn’t understand When I watched tv or when people talked but i am now understand a lot on tv or even I can talk,read and write. Don’t waste time stay at home, you will love to learn Danish and fun in the Class. I took for 4weeks course and I know that my Danish is improved a lot here. Unbelievable 🙂
Chantanee Lapanuphan Frost, Thailand
My Vietnamese wife Ngan Tran learned basic Danish with your 4 weeks course for beginners. Both the program and the teaching was really great Thanks a lot Hanne!
Jens Kjaersgaard, Denmark
This course is absolutely amazing!!! Hanne is such a wonderful teacher who is very knowledgable about the language and the best ways to teach it that makes it applicable in everyday life!! I wish I lived closer to København, and had more money because I’d stay with her class until there were no more classes to take!! I started the local Kommune language school and it doesn’t even come close to the quality and care in teaching as Hanne gives!! Everyday I go to language school I miss Hanne more and more!!! Thank you so much Hanne!! I hope we get to see each other again!!!
Abbey Van Der Meij, USA
I have been trying to learn Danish off and on for the past four years after marrying a Dane who settled in my hometown in the U.S. I’ve used Rosetta Stone, Teach Yourself Danish, Aktivt dansk and an online tutor. Speaking Danish is particularly tough for me. I came to Denmark this spring and stayed with my in-laws to take the 5 week beginner course. I can not image a better program for me: ambitious expectations, tons of encouragement and support, immediate feedback, an efficient and effective course structure, and inspiring international classmates. I now have a great base to build on and confidence from knowing the basics. Thank you Hanne!!
Kristi Rux, USA
tomé un curso de cinco semanas con Hanne y fue la mejor experiencia que tuve aprendiendo danés!! ella es sumamente cálida y agradable, y su método de enseñanza es increiblemente efectivo!!!! Hanne se enfoca en cada alumno y saca lo mejor de cada uno!!!! si consideras aprender danés entonces NO DUDES en hacerlo con Hanne!!! The best experience ever to learn danish!!! thanks so much Hanne for this 5 amazing weeks!!! to take lessons with Hanne is the best choice you can do!!!!
Julian Sanchez, Argentina
It was so nice to finally get a little insight in the Danish language… 5 weeks passed so fast, but this classes really helped me to be better prepared in the everyday situations, and possibilities to communicate in Danish language in a basic level. Thank you a lot, Hanne for your cozy atmosphere and your attention to each student!
Liubov Fetich, Ukraine
It have been 5 good weeks and this course was very helpful in the beginning of learning danish. I think Hanne is a very good and competent teacher and I will recommend her to anyone who want to learn danish.
Natalia Dam Hansen, Russia
I had private tuition with Hanne for some months next year and I can only say good things about her and her method. Combining efficiency and kindness, Hanne is the perfect person for anyone who wants to learn Danish for real and without suffering. I would do it again and again… But actually, you only need to do it once 🙂
Alessandra R. Teixeira Asschenfeldt, Brasil
Having studied several other languages before, I thought I could attempt to teach myself Danish through books and friends. Unfortunately, the spoken language is quite different from what is written! Hanne’s three week intensive beginner course was a perfect fit with my summer holiday. Her approach covers sufficient grammar and vocabulary to send you down the road of having basic conversations at the end of three weeks. More importantly, and what you probably won’t get at the larger language schools is diligent and patient attention to you pronounciation
Marjolein Van Paridon, The Netherlands and Hawaii
This has been a FANTASTIC 3 weeks course,i cant think of a better way to learn the fundimentals of the Danish language in such a short period of time ! Hanne is a great teacher,very passionate about her job and that shows in every lesson. If you are serious about learning Danish i recomment this 100%.
Marjolein Van Paridon, Greece
I did the 3 week quickstep 1 course last year and loved it. The small class was a perfect place to really get to grips with Danish.Hanne is a great teacher and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Danish. The course was worth every penny!
Ailsa Croy, Scotland
I am very happy with the intensive course I took with Hanne. She is an amazing teacher, very patient and very competent. Now I have a good base in Danish to start from. It is really worthwhile taking this course!
Camila Mesquita, Brasil
I started the A1 Breakthough (Module 1) course in January. I thought it was a really great course and Hanne helped me a lot with the pronunciations. Her method of teaching was also very encouraging as she was very patient with us which is something I had never had with other language teachers. I felt that I excelled quicker in the course than any other language course I have done. Shortly after, I took the A2 Waystage (Module 2) course on a one-to-one basis. This was actually a much better format for me as we could work even further on my pronunciations and also focusing more on the areas that I was not doing so well in. But I strongly recommend both courses. I would definitely go back.
Anna Charlotte Thorsen, England
I finished 3 weeks of intensive Danish course with Hanne Walbum and I could speak basic danish frases with my boyfried´s family. They were very impressed with my danish and especially with my prononciation. Hanne is a such professional teacher, always smiling, giving you support in learning such a difficult language as Danish, she is patient and in her classes there is no stupid question to ask. As a teacher myself I can say, Hanne has really smart methods how to teach language and how makes students feel comfortable. Dear Hanne, it was pleasure to learn Danish in your class, because you are really great and you gave me much more then only language skills. Thank you.
Katarina Fercakova, Slovakia
A very good course, which really helped me to know a lot of things about Danish language, a lot of new words and especially the pronunciation helped me alot. I would like to tank Hanna for her patience with me and the other students, and I would also like to thank her for her great job, she is really a good teacher. I will miss her a lot. It was also a good opportunity to get to know other people from around the world, it was a nice team. Additional from my Danish husband Allan:
Meget professionelt. Det er tydeligt at underviseren er vant til at lære sprog fra sig. Hun har øre for ting I sproget som jeg ikke selv har lagt mærke til. Det første jeg bemærkede var at udtalen blev forbedret radikalt. Nu har jeg ikke selv deltaget I undervisningen, men kan bare se at resultatet er virkeligt godt, samt at min kone var glad for at komme there. En stor tak til Hanne og Zhors medstuderende 🙂
Zozo Kerzabi, Marocco
I’m really happy with these 3 weeks of Intensive Danish Courses! Hanne is very nice and patient teacher and very helpful with all the difficulties of every student. After 3 weeks of everyday lessons I can understand a lot in conversations and talk a little bit with my danish boyfriend. So I don’t feel lost at danish dinners and home parties no more =) I can even write messages in danish! And its only 3 weeks!) Its amazing! I would say that its absolutely worth it! You will learn fast, easy and with smiles =) And you will make new international friends, that’s also awesome! Tusand tak Hanne! Ser frem til at se dig igen!
Ksenia Korotkaia, Russia
I did the 5 weeks beginners course and it was a great experience. Hanne is the perfect teacher, patient and very professional. Her teaching methods, making especial emphasis in pronunciation, are really effective. I highly recommend to everyone how wants to learn danish.
Eddie Sanchez, Spain
First when I heard these vowel sounds that looked impossible to distinguish one from another for my Russian ears I thought- that’s why it is considered to be one the most difficult language for foreigners. But when we came to this very sound with tongue down and close to your teeth- oh..What do you think? Now it has become my favorite to work at ) And all is like this- somehow Hanne made it real than we could do it. She was persistent but very kind) Be sure- she will not give you chance to escape with your difficulties, they will be pulled on the surface and cured. Painlessly, efficiently and successfully) It was challenging and enjoyable at the same time to study these 5 weeks.We were helped to build solid ground with phonetics, vocabulary and grammar to raise a beautiful and stort building upon!).No doubt it can be considered good investment- to take this course.
Svetlana Zamesina, Russia
I did the 5 week intensive with Hanne and learned a lot in a very short time. She is a very giving, patient teacher. She had very good ways of making us practice during the course and while we studied at home. I would highly recommend her course for a fast-track entrance to Danish language!
Ahu Karan Jespersen, Tyrkey
Tomé las 5 semanas intensivas para principiantes y altamente recomiendo a Hanne. Especialmente si piensas que la pronunciación en danés es difícil. Sabe como guiarte para encontrar el sonido correcto de esas vocales y la “d” suave que no usamos en español. Su método es sencillo y eficiente. 
Gaby García BGarcia, Mexico
Hello! I highly recommend Copenhagen Danish Courses, because it has given me so much! I am Chilean and moved to Denmark in 2011 and studying with Hanne Walbum was the greatest idea ever! I was speaking danish in very little time. NOW I work at the Danish Embassy in Santigo (Chile), I am the Secretary to the Ambassador! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂
Josefa Jofré, Chile
Hanne taught my 7 year old Danish when we first arrived in Denmark in September last year before she started a Danish public school. My daugher didn’t speak very much danish at all despite having a danish Dad (!) but hanne helped her a lot and gave her a lot of confidence to go on to start a danish public school. Hanne is highly professional and was fabulous with my daughter. She sourced some excellent materials and made the lessons fun and interesting. I would highly recommend Hanne for an intensive course for your children if they need help with Danish whatever their level.
Jacqui Moller Larsen, England
I had a good experience with the danish courses offered by Hanne. During the 3 weeks I build up a nice vocabulary for the basic situations and more than that it motivated me to continue learning Danish. It is a good stimulating environment and definately money well spent. I would recommend and Hanne because it is a perfect choice for people with time and interest. I will continue taking courses in 2013, so that says it all. Hej, hej!
Marius Mihai Lepadatu, Rumania
Hanne Walbum is, without a doubt, a great teacher. And anyone who has had a great teacher knows the importance of one- especially when learning a language as difficult as danish. Her method of teaching, communication and listening skills, creativity, enthusiasm and knowledge make learning danish a positive and inspiring experience. After trying many different danish courses in Copenhagen (several schools and private teachers), I found even more appreciation for Hanne and her competency as a language teacher as well as the effectiveness of her teaching methods. I haven’t found any other danish program or teacher in Copenhagen yet that I can honestly recommend. Over the past year I have taken both group and individual classes at Copenhagen Danish Courses with Hanne; and in both settings the teaching methods were extremely effective and I learned a lot. Hanne has been, and still is, invaluable in my path of learning danish. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a truly excellent danish teacher.
Vanessa Leigh Allard, USA
Hej, I undertook the 5 week intensive course and learnt more than I ever dreamed I would! I am terrible with languages (did french for 7 year and cant string a sentence together!) but after this course I can speak, read and write danish; it has given me a great basis for the language which, I feel, with practice I can become fluent in. Hanne is an excellent teacher and I am so happy I choose her course and would recommend it course to anyone and everyone! Tak skal du have hanne 🙂
Elke Korschen, Kenya was a great intro to the (fairly impenetrable!) danish language, but I really enjoyed my three-week course with Hanne. It wasn’t enough to give me the confidence to be out and chatting with the locals (a combination of feeling lazy and being a perfectionist stand in my way!) but I hope to complete the course next year and find the motivation to continue self-study based on this really good grounding that Hanne gave me! Thanks, and hope to see you in 2013!
Sara Campbell, England
Hi my name is Marsia. My husband took a 3 weeks intensive danish course in July 2012 at. I was very defficult for my husband to learn danish for the first time. When he startet at with Hanne Walbum as the teacher it seems too be the best place for him. He learned about the gramma, vocabulary, the pronunciation and also how to have short conversations. Now his danish is getting better and better for every day. It have all been a success for him. I high recommend Thank you for your patience and kindness. A big Thanks to you Hanne Walbum.
Marsia Dinarzehi, Iran
Hi! I had an intensive 4 weeks course last year. It was my first month in Danmark and the course I had with Hanne was the best way to begin with this new language! She really helps to learn the bases in the correct way, with a particular attention on the pronunciation and the conversation abilities! I reccomand her courses to everybody!
Elisa Felini Fagerbo, Italy
Hej, jeg hedder Yifang og jeg taler lidt Dansk! (Hi, my name is Yifang and I speak a little Danish!) Picking up a new language is never easy but it definitely helps if you have the right syllabus/method, teacher and study environment (class size, classroom setup etc.). I was fortunate to come across in my extensive search for a suitable beginner Danish language course. The intensive 2-week course has an easy to follow `learn-apply-review´structure that can cater to students of various learning pace and background. The 10 lessons I had, focused on 3 key areas – Grammar, Vocabulary and most challenging part, Pronunciation. Hanne (my teacher) was always patient and encouraging in pinpointing and correcting my weaknesses in pronunciation. This enabled me to speak the language with more confidence as the course progressed. What I liked most about the course is that every lesson involved a new conversation that introduced useful vocabulary and regularly used sentence structure. With the right amount of time and effort put into memorizing these, you will find yourself capable of having basic conversations in the Danish language in no time. At the end of my course, I was really surprised at how much I have learnt in such a short time. I was also more confident and enthusiastic about learning and speaking Danish than I was when I started. I have absolutely no doubt that you will feel the same as I do by the time you have finish your course too.
Yi Fang, Singapore

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