Learn danish with a smile!

Learn Danish with a Smile!

We would like to give you a very warm welcome to Copenhagen Danish Courses!

At our school, we will meet you with open arms and lots of commitment and make sure that you have a good time and feel safe while you are studying with us.

Our intensive courses for foreigners from all over the world will stimulate and motivate you so that you get plenty of self-confidence when you speak Danish.

This applies to all our students: Both you who love to learn languages and throw yourself into the experience heart and soul, as well as you who may not be quite so happy about learning a new language and therefore need a little extra motivation and support.

To give you a course of the highest quality and the best possible experience, we offer only private lessons and very small classes. This is to ensure that we can give each student a lot of individual attention.

You are very welcome to contact us so that together we can find a course that is just right for you!

Best regards
Hanne Walbum
Managing Director

Students from all over the world learning Danish with a smile