Written Danish

Written Danish

Would you like to get better at writing in Danish? In your work life or in your private life? This course will give you the tools to improve your ability to express yourself in writing.

It is our experience that private lessons will take you the furthest in the shortest possible time as we can design a course that is tailored to meet your wishes. We can for example work with emails, letters, reports, and preparation for tests and exams. It is entirely up to you what you want to focus on.

Some of the most common reasons for making mistakes when writing in Danish are a lack of understanding of the grammar, spelling, text structuring, and wrong choice of word or expression. Together we will work out which areas you need to focus on.


Contact us!

You are very welcome to contact us to have a talk about your wishes and to learn more about our prices and enrolment procedures. If you are two students who would like to share a course, each of you will get the course at a reduced price. We can also tell you about the possibility of having a trial lesson.

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